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“Where have you been all of my life?”: How Stylebot helped CalMatters create a custom, all-in-one style resource that saves time while improving quality

By combining Stylebot’s style guide with CalMatters’ database of California legislators, journalists can check everything from how to write about people experiencing homelessness to whether an assemblymember uses their full name or nickname.


Company: CalMatters

Industry: Nonprofit news

Stylebot platform: Slack

Reason for use: Creating a customized style resource

Biggest benefit: Time saved while maintaining credibility

Does that legislator go by Phil or Phillip? Greg or Gregg? Is there a hyphen in that senator’s last name? And where is she based again?


Stylebot helps editors at Atmosphere improve credibility and efficiency

“There’s no waiting and there’s no searching; it’s just there. It’s just very quick and efficient.”


Company: Atmosphere

Industry: News and entertainment

Stylebot platform: Slack

Reason for use: Easing style guide access for a growing team

Biggest benefit: Increased brand credibility

Like many people working at media organizations today, editors at Atmosphere know they have only a few seconds to catch your attention. And instead of creating content designed to be consumed on your phone, they want you to put your phone down.


“A tool of continuing education”: How Stylebot encourages deeper engagement with NowThis’ style guide

Stylebot, a modern style guide that writers and editors can access on Slack and Microsoft Teams, helped NowThis increase adoption of its in-house style guide.

Company: NowThis
Industry: Digital news
Stylebot platform: Slack
Reason for use: Increase adoption of in-house style guide
Biggest benefit: “Creating consistency with ease.”

When Shayna Posses was hired as the copy editor for NowThis, she knew her role was a crucial element of the digital news organization’s success.