Frequently asked questions

What is Stylebot?
Stylebot is a modern style guide that media professionals can access on workflow tools they’re already using. Media credibility matters now more than ever, and Stylebot gives journalists, public relations professionals and marketers instant, reliable answers to grammar, punctuation, word choice and word formatting questions through Slack, Teams and Google Chrome.
Stylebot answers writing, editing and other media workflow questions on Slack, Teams and Google Chrome. It is a chatbot that uses machine learning and natural language processing to match your questions with answers from a human-written style guide.
No. Stylebot is a precision product designed to make writers’ and editors’ lives easier, not to replace them. It is also a learning tool that makes navigating style, standards and language manuals faster and more intuitive. It does not read your writing and make guesses about what should be changed. Instead, it responds to your questions with answers from the USC Annenberg Style Guide.

By default, all of Stylebot’s answers are from the USC Annenberg Style Guide, which has gone through a traditional editing process. None of the answers are generated by AI. The Annenberg Style Guide is data-informed and constantly evolving, and Stylebot subscribers automatically get access to our frequent updates to keep their guidance current and relevant.

Stylebot can be customized so your style guide and other workflow material is accessible in a centralized resource.

Yes. Stylebot can be fully customized to reflect your organization’s specific guidance. Request a demo to get started with an Enterprise plan.
No. You can incorporate other types of workflow and process documents into Stylebot with an Enterprise plan.
Stylebot is designed to make your life easier by integrating into workflow tools you’re already using. Right now, Stylebot is available on Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chrome. If you want to use Stylebot on a different app, tell us about it here.
Yes. Anyone can try Stylebot for free and sign up for monthly or yearly plans on our website. We have individual, team and enterprise plans.
You can get started with Stylebot for free by creating an account here.