Iced cream, anyone?

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, which means summer has unofficially started. With the weather getting warmer and our drinks getting cooler, we have a question for you: Do you pronounce the “d” in iced tea and iced coffee?

You probably don’t, just as generations before you didn’t pronounce it in “iced cream.” Yep, that’s the original name of the popular dessert. But, as we speak a language, we inevitably change it. And it’s easier to say “ice cream” than it is to say “iced cream,” so that’s how we say it.

The way we write eventually catches up to the way we speak. Hence, we no longer write “iced cream.” But we’re not quite there yet with iced tea and iced coffee, so it’s still common to see those written with the “d” even if we don’t pronounce it when we’re ordering our drink of choice.

A screenshot of a message from Stylebot on Chrome extension that reads: Use "iced tea" and "iced coffee" instead of "ice tea" and "ice coffee," though those terms will likely to go the way of "iced cream" eventually :icecream:: "He liked to drink iced coffee, even in the winter."

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