IMHO, stick to IMO

Does IMHO stand for “in my honest opinion” or “in my humble opinion”?

People have varying, well, ​opinions​ about the popular internet acronym. But if you are Team Honest, you might be humbled to learn that the ​best evidence​ points to the “H” originally standing for “​humble​.”

"IMO" is a common abbreviation for "in my opinion." It's generally accepted lingo on the internet, so it likely doesn't need explanation on social media. Use your best judgment in other copy. Do not add periods in any context, and if you're quoting written material, format the term as you see it written: "'He did it just for the attention, imo,' she wrote in a text." "IMHO" is a related term with the same formatting rules. Some people use it to mean "in my humble opinion," while others say it stands for "in my honest opinion." "In my humble opinion" seems to be the original meaning, but people might interpret the acronym differently.

In our honest and humble opinion, you should stick to IMO, for “in my opinion,” to avoid confusion.

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