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There’s a question that comes up among writers and editors a few times a year during a week like this one. This week, for example, it goes something like this: “Is ‘Presidents’ Day weekend’ capitalized?”

When a three-day weekend is approaching, our team has noticed over the years that people need clarification about whether “weekend” is capitalized after the holiday name. It’s come up so often that all of our style guide entries covering holidays commonly associated with long weekends, such as Memorial Day and Thanksgiving, now address the question.

Use an apostrophe in "Presidents' Day," a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February: "The store advertised a Presidents' Day sale." The holiday's official name is Washington’s Birthday. Don't capitalize "weekend" in "Presidents' Day weekend": "They were away for Presidents' Day weekend."

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the answer about each holiday weekend is the same: You should not capitalize “weekend.”

So check that off your list for all the holiday weekends this year and reserve your energy this weekend for worrying about apostrophe placement.

Have a great Presidents’ Day weekend!

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