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Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us, which means it’s the unofficial start of summer. To keep you from flip-flopping on your writing choices over the next few months, we’re doing something a little different this week and giving you a quick checklist of seasonal writing tips:

😎 Don’t capitalize summer

☀️ Sunscreen is one word, and you don’t need periods in SPF

🩴 Use a hyphen in flip-flops

🍗 It’s ​barbecue​, not “barbeque”

🥵 Use two words for heat wave, and use a numeral when writing temperatures: “The high was expected to reach 105 degrees”

🧊 And you ​still need the “d”​ in iced tea and iced coffee

Use "iced tea" and "iced coffee" instead of "ice tea" and "ice coffee," though those terms will likely to go the way of "iced cream" eventually :icecream:: "He liked to drink iced coffee, even in the winter."

What’s missing from our summer style checklist? Hit reply and let us know.

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